Cathedral Windows Quilt

Welcome to our website Crafts Patterns, here where we find many patterns of quilt and also crochet. Every time I come to write to you it is with great pleasure because I know that you love the craft as I do and it is always receptive to you. It is to fall in love every time I bring patterns here, because they are always very useful and welcome. Every time I see an interesting pattern and that many people are doing I look for a pattern free to bring to you, share what I loved too because it is always good to share beautiful and free things freely available. 

It is very important to learn more and to increase the skills more and more, each pattern that will make will be more skilled and experienced. Through one point you do an incredible job so with a patchwork design, they are large and made several pieces to finally do the job you want. Nothing that patience and dedication does not exceed the effort. Once you get the practice everything becomes easier and the sewing gets faster and all the preparation. So do not give up, always persist to see the end result. So let’s start.

In this post today we will learn a pretty and very practiced quilt pattern that is called Cathedral Windows, you must have already seen this pattern in exhibitions or in the internet pinterest because it is much practiced. It is an amazing and really fun to make pattern and has a gorgeous result with a unique texture and very delicate. There are many photos on the internet of color models and pieces that were made with this pattern, imagination can not miss because I saw so much different thing being done with this pattern that are many options.

This pattern can be made by hand if you prefer or the machine as you have more practice and prefer. It is more common to be made in the machine by being faster and to be equal all the unions of the tissues. Each square of customary fabric is a bit more of our work and our design. Each piece is made, stitched and multiplied to form what you want.

Each completed project gives us more desire to continue and motivating us, well that increases our knowledge and our level of craftsmanship. This pattern can be used to do many things, bedspreads, kitchen rugs, table runners, cushion cover, I’ve seen as a book cover and also covers for glasses, used in some table decoration, as the imagination commands.


The size will depend a lot on what you choose to do, as for example if it is a tablecloth it will be smaller and faster to make if it were to make a bedspread that will take longer to get ready but nothing overkill. The size thus varies the larger the more parts and unions you must make until you reach the desired size.

If you were enchanted like me in this pattern you just have to see the pattern that I left available below and do many beautiful works. This is the link I found the step by step written with all the information, and below the video tutorial to help you more, have fun and see you in the next pattern.

Step by Step Free ☛ Cathedral Windows Quilt

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