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Crochet Daisy Granny

Hello my craft friends who love it as much as I do, as are the new designs and patterns.. Today the subject is going to be about specifically crochet. The crochet is really a craft made with hands that we love.

In addition to enchanting with the result he brings us many benefits such as improving our motor coordination, even more people who do not have the habit of driving does not have much coordination, but with the practice of crochet the movement made with needles, hooks make us work this area and our brain. What another benefit is to improve the agility of our brain to think and also in our memory.

Anyway, many other benefits are given to everyone who practices crochet and the quilt also has these benefits. Crochet is indicated in therapies working as antidepressants, this is very good because every day that passes more people are depressed and the craft helps to distract the head and after a joy at the end of work and see the work of art that you have done.

Today I leave a wonderful pattern for all of you here on our site that is getting more news and becoming complete to help you. And so we get bigger and bigger, growing crochet through us even though we practice this art.

About Pattern

Today the pattern I bring to you is a pattern practiced and known that is the pattern called the Crochet Daisy Granny, I’m sure you have seen his work around and you must have heard. If you have never done this pattern here is the time, because everything I leave for you is complete and with the step by step totally free. Let’s learn how to make this gorgeous square pattern that has a crochet flower in the center of the square.

Work ideas

This pattern is very delicate and you can join as many squares as you want, you can make the square separate or you can put together and make a nice quilt, cushion cover, baby blanket, some ornament for your kitchen, table paths or other detail for your table, whatever you want to do.

I have seen many works using this pattern, even innovating a top or crooped crochet by placing the squares of daisy below the crooped, it was very beautiful and original. In crochet we can do what we find beautiful and make it totally original with our way. You can do lots of things with this pattern, anything goes from your imagination.

You can do countless things with this pattern that you want to innovate in your home or in your store, just look at something at home that we can decorate or change, and then come the ideas. Decorate and leave the environment more original and pleasant. Doing something and loving the result brings us much joy and satisfaction. A combination of colors will make the environment very comfortable and pleasant because it is a very lovely and modern pattern.

If you liked and were interested in the pattern, just access the pattern that I left here for you from where I found the free step by step and explaining the whole process and with photos to follow. I’m sure they will love the result like me, in the photos I left already to have an idea of ​​how the end will be. I also made available a video with the step by step to do with accompanying someone doing together is good too. Good job and have fun.

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