Dancing Ribbons Quilt

The world of the quilt has grown a lot and we have to always update ourselves. I was surfing the internet and in the fluffy pattern where I got attention from the cause of the circles and their design. He gave me several ideas for beautiful work. I have seen several people make this pattern to take in exhibitions. If you have already seen but never had the courage or time to make use of this opportunity. Every day we have to challenge ourselves, learn new things, new patterns and projects, always updating and practicing to increase the level of craftsmanship so we can do more and more complete work and increase the level.

Today’s pattern is quilt, here on our site we always give quilt and crochet novelty that we love to do, if you did not take a look at our site enjoy later and see the patterns available, we have many new features, a lot of beautiful things that will doing all is not. This pattern is called Dancing Ribbons Quilt, is very well known and practiced and the best we can use and all seasons of the year is perfect. You can make it as a gift for someone you love being even better because it is done with your own hands so be a very special gift and that I’m sure will please.

The Dancing pattern is a nice gift for the one you love, I’m designing a make to put in my living room hanging on the wall. The colors I want to make matching with the decoration in the tone of blue with beige, we will see how it will stay. I am passionate about quilts on walls, I think the ambience with this touch is very elegant when it is done by yourself.

Choose colors as you prefer, or you can choose the colors that match your decor. In the photo above I leave a model of the pattern ready and how you can use the colors, being a model to do. I get very happy every time I can make a pattern. I always look for novelty of this beautiful world and it makes me very happy every time I finish a pattern and see the result, it makes me very interested. This quilt I brought today for you dance tape it is a lot of fun to do and in us personal satisfaction.

The Dancing Ribbons was created by Cindy Rounds Richards she claims to be inspired by a table made of marble, very ne ne. The center can be easily done alone as a small piece for wall or can do to make a large bedspread for the bed. They do not need to make only one material, it can be made of quilting weight cottons look beautiful also for quilt, at last have fun and choose your own colors of materials.

There are people hanging on the back of the bed or the front or the back of the sofa getting beautiful to put on.I really hope I have inspired you to do more work and practice to improve the skills and also to make handicrafts in the after many benefits. So do not stand still and enjoy this brilliant pattern.

Below I left the graphic of this complete pattern for you to do and I also leave the link with the step by step and with the color information below the graph so that you do with excellence also having the template that you can print. I leave a step-by-step video available to help you more. With all this information you have been able to make a beautiful pattern. Good job and have fun.


Pattern PDF to Print ▶ Dancing Ribbons Quilt Tutorial


Learn to make the Ribbon Dance Quilt with Jenny!

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