Flower Quilt – Pattern

This flower quilt is undoubtedly a flap with flower-shaped handicrafts. Looking at the quilt may seem easy, but it’s not that complicated. This Piecing and applique give a special touch making this beautiful quilt look very stylish and cozy in any environment of the house.

You can do the applique by hand. The assembly of the quilt in bloom is direct and direct, and the final finish must be finished with a sewing machine and a fuse.

In fact there are many details that during the assembly you can choose, as well as the colors you love the most. Duplicated fabrics resemble the oldest, grandmother and are natural to this quilt, while other prints and colors will also be adorable. I love flowers they are my source of inspiration.

See more models of flower bedspread for you to inspire and finalize yours and make your room or room more attractive.  These and the pattern we are going to show are for three different sizes and sizes. To have the bedspread pattern “Oopsie Daisy”. Here

Most girls love this type of quilt, if they like to share and inspire.  See more: Simple and Quick Baby Quilt-Full Tutorial. Now it’s getting the job done. The Quilt Pattern is “Oopsie Daisy”. See the explanatory tutorial and good work.



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