Friendship Block – Free Quilt Pattern & Tutorial

The work we are going to learn today is simply a perfect and cozy job for those who like to have a nice night’s sleep. We know that to have a nice night’s sleep where we can rest our mind, eyes and body well when we have a good bed and of course a wonderful quilt where we can warm up and at the same time feel comfortable with them.

This quilt you will learn today is perfect for a nice day of rest or even to decorate and brighten your day and your environment. Sometimes we look at beautiful works and we think it’s a very difficult thing, but everything we take to do with love, attention, dedication and a lot of affection, everything comes out perfectly and easily.

In the case of this beautiful pattern today, you can only use two colors or you can choose to use up to more than four colors, it all depends on the environment in which you will leave your beautiful bedspread.

If you have enough scraps, think carefully, use your creativity and use them you will have an incredible result, besides that you will also save a lot on your material.

With materials that are easy to find and with a complete pattern, you will get a beautiful result. Pay close attention to the pattern Elaine Huff has made available to us. With a lot of love and patience you will reach the end.

We hope you enjoyed today’s pattern and don’t miss our menu to discover beautiful works like this one today.

Enclosed is the complete pattern of this beautiful work provided by Elaine Huff free of charge.

Pattern Free: Friendship Block Quilt

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