Pentagonal Penrose Throw Blanket ( pattern free)

Since I hate to do nothing, I have to always have a project, an idea, something that fills my time. I’m one of those people who does not just sit on the couch and watch television at night, I have to occupy my mind and hands! So I decided to do knitting and crochet courses in a cool bazaar that was close to home, it was great,

I made sweaters for me, for my daughter and other little things more … Guys, but the teacher was such a rude old woman. When I missed a point, then I was afraid to ask!

I think she did it on purpose, who did not ask ended up leaving. But I was determined, swallowed the frogs and questioned anyway …

I remember her very well, although excellent teacher, had her annoyances. Well, the only thing I wanted to do was learn, and so I held my hands in front of the television at night!

Now I do not have time to do so much, but when I see ideas like the photos below, Pentagonal Penrose Throw Blanket gives me an itch! God, I wish I could do all this! I think many of you would like to, too, would not you? how can we see how something so wonderful can be done with our hands?

We find it so impossible, something never to be completed, but with Pentagonal Penrose Throw Blanket, I guarantee that you will lose your fear and love much more croche from yesterday.

See Crocheted friends, what a standard wonder of Pentagonal Penrose Throw Blanket, and how creative they are ! but if you want to do and perform, then get to work and a good job for you girls … by Barb Cutler

pattern disdain in ravelry for you (free access)



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