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Post twist table runner

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How to make the Post Twist Table Runner?

Let’s start? Today we are going to learn how to make a beautiful table runner inspired by one of the most beautiful parties of the year, which is Christmas.
This runner is a great option to decorate our table for the Christmas dinner.

Every novelty is new fun for everyone, giving us great satisfaction.
As Christmas is coming, let’s start our preparations, decorations, anyway, whatever you want to do to make your home more cozy and beautiful for this special date, we get together with the family and talk and exchange gifts.

We always have to think about every detail so that this date becomes unique and is marked in the memory of everyone who will participate in your party.

What Colors and Fabric to Use to Make Pole Twist Table Runner?

It is a very simple model to make, ideal for those who like to produce items to decorate the house. The combinations of prints and colors can be endless, you can use a pattern as a base and, from there, combine other colors. I used only three colors in this model, red, green and white, the predominant colors of Christmas. We can use plain or printed fabrics, it is the preference of each person. Use your creativity!
In this pattern you won’t need large pieces of fabric.

This is a wonderful table runner, believe me that this table runner will make everything on your table more beautiful and can even complete the decor. It’s a great piece to help you with your dinners, it will surprise everyone.

Each time I learn and see more new things, I feel more willing to practice to increase our skills, being able to make more and more complex patterns.

Remember to choose well all the items that will compose the table, colors and models of cutlery, napkins, plates, so that everything is matching and your table is perfect.

This is a very special occasion where we will gather the whole family, so everything has to be prepared with a lot of love and care, this time it happens every year but each year is unforgettable and different from each other.

Conclusion Post twist table runner

We would like to hear your opinion. If you have suggestions, we would be happy to bring them to you. I was happy to share the patterns that come to us and that are reasons for inspiration to start new handmade models..

I leave here my thanks to the creator of this table runner Vicki Purnell, I’m sure many were inspired by her beautiful table runner idea.

Below I leave the link containing the mold of this beautiful project, I hope you like it and stay tuned for the new molds here on our website that have always been news for you. Good job everyone.

How to make the Post Twist Table Runner?

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