Quilt 5 Minute Block

I believe you already realized that today men care a lot about the beauty of the house. They have not cared for many years, but now they like a decoration that makes the environment very pleasant and comfortable. In today’s work we will talk a little about the bathroom decoration pulling a little to the male side, thus obtaining countless inspirations and tips for you to do a beautiful job so that the bathroom is very cozy and even more pleasant. Let us show you how to make a beautiful and beautiful quilt from blocks 5 minutes. Since we are talking about the men’s bathroom, we have to use creativity and inspiration to choose each color, as the main issue is the colors.

One of the colors that are well used and seen lately are the colors, black, blue and gray. Because they are neutral colors, it makes it easy for you to insert it in any type of decorating style, thus providing countless design options for the bedroom. This for the men’s room or for the most classic of a young man. Also place an armchair to add a touch of charm and elegance to the room.

Obviously you don’t need to use this shade of color in the men’s room. You have many possibilities of colors being green, beige, white and others. As we saw in the planned room that received a beautiful palette of very neutral colors, there is no limit to our imagination, use it well and create a wonderful job.

Invest on the shelves if you want to invest and keep neutral colors in the bathroom, this will add a very cheerful point in the decor. You can also put other items like a niche that is charming giving an extra elegance in the decoration, also use some different lamps to help in the lighting as this is very important.

We know that any type of detail makes a difference. A frame would really make your environment much happier and the decor much more fun because the environment will have your face.

Have fun decorating the room using wallpaper, use stripe with a simple template. Put a brick wallpaper, it will give a charm to the decoration, or mix the burnt cement in the brick wall, it is modern for the decoration and it looks perfect.

I hope that you enjoyed. The pattern for this wonderful quilt is attached in the title below.

Complete free pattern: Quilt 5 Minute Block



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