Quilting Ring Patchwork of Friendship – Pattern

Patchwork Quilt today is undoubtedly requested to decorate and leave the house much more attractive. Today we have this lovely quilt of friendship rings. The purpose of quilting points is to keep the external material and tissue together. When a pattern of quilting stops and another begins, the designer sometimes leaves small areas without any quilting stitching. In a good quilt, there will be only a few areas where there are gaps in quilting larger than a fist.

The finished quilt from designer Liz Porter is 79 “x 102”. No doubt this project in which you can use all the leftovers you have and you can still look in the drawers and the fabrics to make this beautiful quilting ring of friendship. It’s a peaceful and complex parafearing project, it’s easy to reach.


You can make the blocks with a model, but the ruler of the pyramid Fons and Porter of 60 degrees will accelerate the construction process. You can buy this here: Fons and Porter Pyramid ruler. The flowers on the bedspread twist through the kidney.  It’s a beautiful quilt. Follow a tutorial on how to make rings in patchwork for this beautiful bedspread.


Have the Quilt Pattern “Friendship Rings”.PDF


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