Scrap Happy Star Quilt

The quilt is one of the most sought after pieces for anyone who likes to make or use quilt items. I loved this wonderful Happy Scrap Star Quilt when I laid eyes on it. It was love at first sight. I was so passionate that I decided to pay homage to the author, divulging this beautiful work. With a good stock of scraps and pieces of cotton, or greasy room diversities, paper base, proper rule and a sewing machine and a standard to help everything becomes easier. It stays cool anywhere you want to put it, like on your bed or even anywhere else.

Abuse your skills and creative craftsmanship play with colors and make your quilt already to put it in the decoration of your residence! They are relatively easy and simple to learn and have a wonderful effect! Mix different colors of different lines or even make a quilt with tone on tone that greatly values ​​your work! who make a crochet quilt with pastel color or one with very intense colors, but keeping the base with a single color, which can be very neutral and / or classic, as white or as the raw color, for example.

They can go from a very small size to a giant size, everything will depend on where you will use and the thread or thread that you have used. The size also varies according to your desire.

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