Spiderman-Blanket ( pattern free)

Making crafts to make money is one of the possibilities that has attracted many people to increase income. And with the Around the World Quilt might be one of them. Crafts can be an inheritance, a crochet or an embroidery you have learned from your grandparents and your mother and more.

Crafts is the essence of art. Art created from their own hands. Something you can be proud of. In recent years, this art form has also become a very lucrative way of increasing your income. Many have already discovered that it can be a great investment.

Maybe the craft might be the investment you were looking for or even the great idea you were looking for to get out of the red.

We have selected the best ways to make crafts so you can start your investment safely. Crafts can be a great investment and, in addition, is a great opportunity to use your creativity.

Invest in crafts to earn money and increase your income. Crafts can unite art and trade in a unique and beautiful way. And that’s part of our story. The craft trade has been present in the lives of human beings since antiquity. The craft is made from a manual work, using natural raw material or producing a craftsman.

Even with all the technological advances and social and cultural changes, the craftsmanship has not lost its value. It, like every art form, is part of the essence of the human being. Today it can be found in the centers of big cities, with independent artists selling their work or in specialized stores.

It is often used as a way of expressing the way of life and culture of a people. First, you should know what type of craft you want to sell crochet. It is best to choose the type you most identify with and work with.

That’s why we present the “Around the World” pattern so you can learn or even improve your techniques, so get ready to enter a world where happiness is you, and I’m sure it will be times of joy and happiness working around the World Quilt, then deliver the work and prepare your needles because the work will start and good work for everyone, do not forget to tell how your experience with the Around the World Quilt. by AnneM

pattern available in ravelry for you (free check it out)

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