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Square and Ripple Blanket ( pattern free)

Which person does not have a crochet at home or remembers that rug of your grandmother? Today, crochet may not be as present in our house as it was a few years ago. But this only makes more and more, the crochet or string decorations become sophisticated and dazzling.

There are many possibilities, such as bed paths, bathroom sets, picture frames and carpets for both the kitchen and the living room. They can be economically utilitarian pieces or just decorative, because they embellish any environment.

Square and Ripple Blanket rugs are a great example of beautiful handwork, with ingenuity to spare for decorating your home. A beautiful design to put in the center of the room and give a unique touch to the place. You can use alternating colors, or even a single color that remains very elegant.

It may even seem to be a bit tricky or time-consuming to learn the crochet technique, but over time it makes it easier and you’ll find that it will be much easier and faster, gradually getting used to the manual work that is required of you.

Many people are enchanted by the crochet work just to apply in the decoration of their home, but it is also possible to market this same work. A project that is done by hand, when done well and well worked, can yield a good income to complement or still be the main source of the family.

Crochet has become a trend in decorations in places, different types of utensils, giving different possibilities of news, and the best, with identity and exclusivity.

The options are so many that it is difficult to catalog all, but we have separated some photos of Square and Ripple Blanket so that you can be inspired and able to learn how to produce. There are countless photos with very incredible models for your creation of crochet and string rugs. by Sara Palacios

pattern available on Ravelry for you to check out ( free cesse)


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