Star Sashed Nine Patch – Quilt Tutorial

All the quilting patterns we bring you for free are not my designers. These designers are from other designers who generously share their beautiful patterns for others to learn.

If you want to clear any doubts, you need to contact the designer directly.

Today’s beautiful pattern is from Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star. Without a doubt, all the patterns that Jenny Doan makes are perfect and wonderful.

This video lesson is completely complete and very detailed. Jenny does it very calmly and slowly so you don’t miss any points. As wonderful as her model is, you can make it different by changing your colors to colors you love.

A tip I give you is to watch the video very carefully first, so you can go buy the material already knowing what to get.

The secret for you a good job like Jenny is to have a totally calm and pleasant environment so that you feel good and this makes you have total focus on the pattern.

Hope you have success with this pattern. Be sure to always go to our menu to discover other news like today’s.

Click on the title below the subject to access the full video lesson with Jenny.

We thank you for your total preference and I’m waiting for you on the next adventure. Thanks.

Pattern Free: Star Sashed Nine Patch – Quilt Tutorial

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