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Stella Block

A few days ago on my niece’s birthday, I decided that I had to start another quilt for my collection. Even though it seemed like a crazy idea, because I didn’t have much material, I decided to go ahead. I do not recommend you to make a beautiful quilt with a limited material, so if you are going to start your quilt, take a good look at the material that is needed and see if you can make it. It’s always good to have a deadline on your work because then you’ll dedicate yourself more and pay more attention too, making it something very professional, making your bedspread look beautiful and perfect.

I’m certainly not going to do the same as the model block, because my intention is to do it in the colors I like the most, because I want to put it in my room, giving a new look to my decor. This is a pattern in which you can use a lot of colors, I myself love light colors but I’ve been thinking about putting at least one strong color that highlights the light colors I’m going to use, I think it’s going to be perfect.

This model block was made by Polkadot Chair and was designed by Gervais of Pieces From My Heart. Looking at it this way it seems to be very simple, but it is not so easy because it requires a lot of attention and dedication because it is a pattern with a lot of detail that needs a lot of attention.

Whenever we are going to start some pattern, many doubts begin to arise. I advise you to read a lot, if necessary read as many times as necessary, so that you will be able to clear your doubts and also have new ideas to add to your work.

Another tip I can give you is about your environment in which you will do your work. It needs to be a calm environment, with excellent lighting and very comfortable so that you can do a job with excellence and without losing focus.

Prepare your environment whether bedroom or living room for the arrival of your wonderful bedspread. I have no doubt that this will add an extra charm to your environment. Carefully choose all the material so you don’t regret it at the end of your work.

Use this also to be able to acquire an extra income, because it is so beautiful that you won’t have a friend or family member who doesn’t want to have it in their decoration. Use all the most beautiful colors you can imagine and create something unique to be able to delight anyone who sees it.

Well, I hope you liked this beautiful pattern and made one for you. If possible contact us on the site and show your finished pattern. The complete pattern is attached in the title at the end of the article. We really appreciate your preference on our website and don’t forget to visit our menu so you don’t miss any news that we bring to you. Thank you and until our next adventure.

Pattern Free: Stella Block

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