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Tunisian Temperature Blanket (pattern free)

Starting a work like crochet, just like any type of craftsmanship, is a great way and choice to relax, spend time and even make an extra income at the end of each month. Moreover, it is impossible to deny the caprice and love that only hand-made things carry,

and so it is no wonder that it gains more admirers of this type of work, whether producing or consuming these types of pieces. Everything will only depend on the types of pieces you want to do, after all, within the techniques developed in crochet, there are a number of styles.

Analyze every detail of what you are going to produce, so you will be assured that you have the right material to start. If learning crochet was a dream for you, know everything you need to get the hang of it. If you already do any type of crochet, look at various insinpirations for your possible new work!

A great idea for anyone who is looking for a type of stitch or forms for creation, here is a crochet blanket for babies, one of several possibilities of point is the shell model, which can follow either the traditional version or be relief type, leaving kept it a little more volume. This point resembles a shell and hence the name of the shell.

If you have any questions about what color the crochet blanket can do or do not yet know the baby’s gender, do not be afraid to take the risk with a white blanket.

Color is a classic type and the finish is to be admired! In this presentation, the blanket was produced in contoured scalloped points, and for the finish the bet was by a simple and short barred that goes around the blanket.

Another model seen here made in shell point is this mantinha. In this case, the piece was made in a light yellow tint and the shell point was used throughout the length of the blanket, while the detail of the finishing at the edges was done at another point, known as a secret They are simple ways to start and the result is charming!

After that, get to work! Good job!!.by Nona Davenport

pattern available on ravelry (free access)

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