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Colour Theory Blanket( pattern free)

Quilt is a type of craft that does not go out of style. Besides the possibility of highlighting your room, the Color Theory Blanket is a relaxing activity that can make a lot of money at the end of the month. Maybe you have noticed that we are very obsessed with colors here.

Whether we work on yarn, fabric, twine or embroidery line, we consider and discuss exhaustively our color choices … often passionately! So, in the spirit of our love for color, I give you the Color Study Blanket. For this project, I touched on some of our most beloved threads, the Twist Worsted from Purl Soho.

I used them not only for their cozy and comfortable feeling in garter st, but also because of their amazing color palettes. The color wheel blanket is a festivity of color!

You can choose your own color scheme or go crazy with all the leftovers you still have, anyway you’ll have a wonderful blanket to show off for all the hard work. For this blanket I invented a semi-randomized way to get that big rainbow.

This method may seem a bit strange at first, but it worked for me! First I did a lot of reasons, completely random (but following the rainbow sequence I made in the beginning!). So I had some green squares, some blue / purple, pink, yellow, etc.

In the Color Theory Blanket post today, let’s teach you how to make a wonderful quilt, the Color Theory Blanket is a great piece to put in your bedroom or living room. If you want to use the quilt in other environments, simply combine colors and shapes with the room decor!

It looks beautiful also in the living room, pantry and bedroom, and can be used for any decorating style. For those who want to leave their room more beautiful and cozy, we prepared a list of photos of Autumn Log Cabin Throw with inspirations from several bed and room sets, Finally, for those who want to make their own pieces, we separate graphics and step by step projects beautiful and quality for you ! by Sandra Paul

free standard on revelry (free access)


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