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Dolly Mixtures Blanket (patterns free)

A great decoration tip for home or personal use is the Manta Dolly Mixtures. There are several models that you can combine with cushions, rugs, kitchen towels, cookware, bedspreads and towels.

Or even apply on tiaras, sweaters, earrings, necklaces, notebooks, book markers and wherever your imagination decides, it’s amazing! Nothing complicated, just super simple grannies with colors to warm the heart.

All lively with a delicate and yellowish border. To make Manta Dolly Mixtures you need at least a basic notion of crochet stitches, this is critical. In this post we will give you the step-by-step of a simple and easy to do model, and make several graphics available.

Then prepare your needle and choose the yarn colors that will allow us to do the work. A complete pattern written for a blanket made of classic grandmother squares along with union and border instructions. Border circles are optional, instructions given to both.

Play with the stripes and colors, even changing the amounts of Careers (carr), to your liking. Arrange your stripes and colors as you wish and have fun. This is a great template for you to enjoy your leftover yarn. None as such, this is just a great blanket of good ol ‘grannies, with a great grandmother border.

The only difficulty is the final part of the border, which moves away from the standard ‘grandmother’ style. Its point is extremely beautiful, simple, easy and fast to execute. It’s a simply addictive point. It will be a lot of work to finish! So, let’s get to work …

Well, there it is. I hope looking at him gives him some of the pleasure he’s given me. I’m loving having him around so much at the moment that I could steal the thing and squirrel it in my ‘new and improved’ craft room ! by Sandra Paul

standard available on ravelry (check out)

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