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Lilliana ( pattern free)

Lilliana is a myth. That’s because he was already employed to decorate the homes of our grandparents, and still remains very beneficial these days. It is a fact that anyone who has the practice of using crocheted crocheting in ornamentation is a very capricious person with the home, is not it?

So, for you to know how to be able to rake in the décor, we will present many tips on this fabulous piece. For you not to make mistakes in Lilliana’s account, here are some essential but basic tips to help you with this work. In addition, we’ve listed some wonderful designs for your inspiration.

There are many formats of Lilliana. Among these formats, the main ones are ovals, rounds, squares and rectangles. In addition to the basic shapes mentioned here, there are also these tablecloths in very dissimilar shapes, for example, in the shape of a spiral and a flower.

Basically, the distinction of the format that will be used in this manual work, the Lilliana, will depend on the table to receive the crochet or even the taste of each person who will carry out this work.

As if this is a centerpiece of a gorgeous crochet, it should stand out in the central part of the furniture. Based on this, the Lilliana should be harmonious to the size of the table to be adorned. That is, it should not be too long or too small on the chosen table. Or bed.

The distinction of colors is something very personal. You should prefer colors that combine with the ornamentation of the environment as a whole. Just as there are others who use other principles, such as the chosen color, or even a very graceful crochet yarn that has been stored.

With the steps for Lilliana’s elaboration, make it well adjusted, it’s time to put ideas into execution. To better design your choices, check out some Lilliana ideas in different sizes, colors and shapes. by Hooked on Sunshine

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