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Quilt Every Which Way – FREE Pattern

Add a touch of charm to your environment with this beautiful fresh and very modern patchwork quilt. Think about the colors because this quilt will look wonderful formed in your favorite colors, very easy and simple to make using only flying geese blocks.

This finished quilt measures 74 “x74”, designed by Riley Blake. How about a queen? Add one more edge to your beautiful quilt.

Used 80 blocks of flying geese turned on all sides, that’s why the name of the bedspread, the pattern is totally written for beginners and clear for any lover of this beautiful quilting art. An allover dotted pattern that lets the geometry shine beautifully, and is simply quilted.

Use your creativity and imagination to choose the best colors and start creating your beautiful quilt. Check it out on Nana’s Pinterest Board if you don’t like the colors and want to be inspired by something new.

Numerous series of “no waste” methods that allow us to make 4 blocks one at a time. This pattern uses the simple and basic method for us to make blocks of flying geese. S

uzy Quilts shows us an excellent and perfect tutorial to learn about how we can make flying geese using 2 methods. Cut your large squares at 9-1 / 4 “and cut the small squares at 4-7 / 8”. Note: To use this “no waste” method.

You will need some supplies to realize this beautiful pattern, using it in every way and having a basic method which are:

  • 4 meters of fabric background
  • 2/3 yards of each of the 6 fabrics (water, coral, black, teal, gray, charcoal)
  • 3/4 yards of fabric to the edge
  • 4 meters of fabric background
  • Hitting
  • 6-1 / 2 yards of fabric inside out. See Nana’s post for more creative ideas and “support for your spectacular duvet”
  • Coordination topic

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Click on the link below and have access to the pattern of this beautiful work that Riley Blake Designs provides us.

Free Standard: Quilt Every Which Way

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