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Dutch Treat Quilt

This type of blanket or blanket, takes these two names as definition, since it is usually used as a dressing to warm up, or even as a quilt to decorate the bed or a sofa as protection from it. If we stop to observe this type of work is done with cut of pieces, in pieces that makes that it is extremely modern and different from any other common quilt that are those that are not provided with flaps.

patchwork pattern patterns are a more conceptual type of work, which is the joining of pieces trimmed by a seam, and for the work to be impeccable it is necessary to be careful when measuring each piece so that it is uniform. Generally this type of work is used to make blankets such as sofa or bed embellishment. But also what no one knows is that it can be used in other ways as well as a tablecloth, a rug. Use your criticality.

This type of sewing is the trend of the market, and has been a source of income for many families too, to pass the time and therapy to relax the nerves. The wedding squares quilt is a charm and the colors value the design even more. For those who have a little more creativity, ideas can arise bringing happiness to the whole house and especially to the room where the quilt will be decorated. I believe it is one of the most beautiful patchwork quilts, and it is also a beautiful gift.

image: Maureen Cracknell > pdf dutch treat quilt

We always have to be practicing our skills so that we have more practice and confidence in what we are doing and also with more practice we can do more patterns from other levels. We should always go beyond the basic standards to make some more advanced to assess our abilities.

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