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Bear representing health

Hello friends that accompany our website, or if you are a visitor, welcome and I hope you enjoy all the patterns that I leave available to you all. Here we leave several patterns available free of charge to see or get the pattern. I search the news, new patterns that are emerging and that is high and look for the pattern free to share with you and so leaving here for anyone who seeks or wants to do and practice. As good craftsmen we should always be practicing and researching novelties, when we practice new things our knowledge increases even more so learning new things and improving our coordination with the needle / hook.  We know that we are living in a time of pandemic, and we must surely prevent ourselves so that soon we can have our lives back and safely. But when it doesn’t happen yet, we should have basic care and one of them is the use of masks to reduce virus transmission and with that we always need a representation to make more people aware of prevention.

The good thing about crochet is that we can teach someone through it and show how something simple becomes beautiful and educational, not to mention the decoration that never leaves anything to be desired. Every day it is important that we improve our knowledge more and more to develop different things and different points that generate a different work effect. Works for beginners are always the easiest and there are always different ways to adapt it to a different way without changing his pattern so much and not to mention that it makes a child’s life very happy without realizing it. Amiguri patterns is something that generally appeals to everyone and with that most crochet lovers know how to do or at least are interested in doing because it is something charming. 

Free tutorial > Shark Knows

With a fine needle you can make incredible precise stitches and an inexplicable finish, which the thicker needle also does but there are people who have difficulties handling certain types of needles so it is always good to try to learn all methods to improve your types of work and getting more and more personal satisfaction and job satisfaction.

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