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Moon And Stars Tunisian Crochet Blanket

When it comes to decoration, many people end up choosing for a moment that they lived great moments that were very striking, such as a thematic space or some image that resembles that scenario. Here in this post we will discover another beautiful work to remind you of a remarkable moment.

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With Japan and China having a lot of influence, this model seeks total balance in its details of each texture and element without any exaggeration. To maintain an incredible essential shape. And a feeling of relaxation and tranquility comes through the environment.

The colors white, blue and pink are the most used, as they can be combined in different ways and ways. Other decorating styles can be combined with this model.

Two countries have the same core principle, Thailand and Indonesia. But they are much more rustic, as they use rattan in natural woods and also straw to give a magnificent touch.

The difference for Thai people is their subtle and very delicate touches that make a huge difference. The Indonesians, on the other hand, are much more indigenous, as they use very elegant noble woods for indoor and outdoor locations.

O atributo alt desta imagem está vazio. O nome do arquivo é Moon-And-Stars-Tunisian-Crochet2.jpg

As long as each element is in perfect harmony, this style can be used a lot in the gardens and exteriors of the house as well. It can be artificial or not.

Avoid any exaggeration, this is the basic rule of this style. You end up leaving it very overwhelmed if you overdo it leaving it in an uncomfortable and very bad decor, and I think that’s not what we want.

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