C2C Pattern Crochet

Today in this new post I come to talk about another crochet point very beautiful and interesting and that allows you to do any drawing with him changing his piece. Learning more crochet stitches is necessary for your growth as you can do more and more pattern of different levels of difficulty. Every time I look for new patterns to share with you I find several different and interesting, others that give many ideas because of to do thousands of things with it. The good thing about crochet is that we can always innovate, modify the piece giving an original touch to get more your face and have a unique piece.

The point I’m bringing you today is a well-known crochet point, I’m sure you’ve heard of that point that is C2C or Corner to Corner. This type of point has this name because of the way it is done, as you begin to make the point by weaving from one corner and ending at the other corner of the piece. It is a very common crochet point to be made and very interesting, not to mention the result that is simply beautiful! The point has the shape of some squares, is beautiful and can several. So let’s go

With this C2C pattern we can make many different and beautiful pieces. I’ve seen pieces such as shawls, baby blankets, blankets, embellishments, pillowcases, innovating fabric ornaments and also decorated blankets like bear, butterfly, heart, in short, many things. Sometimes you have pieces that you want to innovate, enjoy with this tip and make beautiful innovations.

The point C2C works basically in beginning to work with the points of a corner and in the diagonal ends in another corner, as the name itself says. The size will depend on your work, what you will want to do, so you can increase or decrease the diagonal until you reach the size needed to complete your work, your chart is very easy. 

The drawn blankets are very interesting, I really wanted to make an owl rug would be something quite different and made by myself that is the best. Many people are making blankets with drawings using the C2C dot pattern, so you can not go without knowing this pattern, thereby increasing your knowledge and knowing more patterns.

There are many variations of this pattern because it left me in love and also people practice a lot, because of the variation that the pattern offers us. So you can always do this job in different jobs without being bored, being good for those who sell their jobs can learn and do various topics and please all their customers. The result is surprising and it is a simple point and its versatile and delicious technique to do. You can change the colors as you want from your patterns, avoiding the most common or using those light colors to get more delicate.

If you liked the pattern today then do not waste time and do a beautiful job right now. Below is the pattern I leave available to you as a PDF free with all the information you can print if you prefer. Enjoy and do wonders, you will fall in love, good work to all.

Pattern PDF Free ➵ C2C Pattern Crochet ♥

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