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The Sage & Sea Glass – Star Chain Quilt

We are here again to bring you another beautiful news of an incredible and very beautiful pattern. The Sage & Sea Glass – Star Chain Quilt is a perfect pattern for those who love to do jobs where you can have many options for colors. This pattern was designed by Kim Diehl to give to Henry Glass Fabrics, and lucky for us the pattern is available for free so we can learn and enjoy it.

In this model we can see that he used a lot of green in different types of tones. You don’t necessarily need to do it according to the model, it would be much more interesting for you to use your ideas and use other colors for those who know how to do a more beautiful job than our model we have.

I believe that every day we all stop at our favorite place at home to relax and think a little about our life, be it good thoughts or bad thoughts. So why not take a moment and think about what it would be like to be working on this pattern. I’m sure that from then on, many ideas will emerge where this will arouse a huge desire for you to be able to start your work

A very important tip that we always give to our colleagues is to work in a very comfortable place, organized with good lighting and that is full of love. This is very important for you to be able to work at all times without any interruptions

Many thanks to Kim Diehl to give for making the pattern completely free for everyone to learn.

To access the complete pattern, just click on the title at the end of this article.

This is just one of the many wonderful patterns we have for you. Always check our menu that the news will always be appearing. I hope you liked this model and that you use it to increase your collection.

We appreciate your visit and your preference to our site, and until our next adventure with another and beautiful pattern. Thanks

The Sage & Sea Glass – Star Chain Quilt

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