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Learn how to make a beautiful table top with a large block

With this Block make an Elegant and Charming Quilt! This dazzling quilt will add a special touch to your table throughout all seasons.

It can be crafted using the Calico Star block, which, when sewn into multiple blocks, results in a charming quilt.

Whether choosing to create a block for a tabletop or several for a quilt, the block’s construction itself is surprisingly simple, despite its intricate appearance.

The generous 24″ block is composed of a combination of smaller blocks, mostly made up of half-square triangles. Chevron and Broken Dishes blocks surround a Diamond block in a nine-patch arrangement.

When these blocks are skillfully combined in a quilt, the angular stone design creates a fascinating secondary pattern.

Despite its complex appearance, the resulting quilt is entirely composed of easy-to-create units. A wide selection of prints gives it a relaxed and elegant look.

Image found from Schoolhouse Quilts

The exceptional tabletop, designed by Victoria Carter and available in her Etsy shop, was constructed with a slightly different approach, using a more coordinated color palette.

An Economy block, made with refined fabrics, was employed in the center, replacing the Diamond block. A complementary border was added to complete this small masterpiece. Additionally, the block is slightly smaller than the one featured in the tutorial.

If you choose not to display a central pattern, follow the detailed instructions in the video tutorial (without center seams). Otherwise, create an Economy block the same size as the Chevron block to ensure a seamless integration.

Use the chart and instructions available here. A finished 8″ Economy block should have the correct dimensions, but check the width of the Chevron block before proceeding (ideally 8 1/2″ unfinished to fit perfectly with the finished 8″ / 8 1/2″ unfinished Economy block).

Jenny used the 8-at-a-time method to create the half-square triangles used in the block, starting with 10″ squares. To create the tabletop, you’ll need to produce 8 half-square triangles for each of the following fabric combinations (starting in the upper left corner):

1 green square + 1 white square (4 will remain)
1 violet square + 1 white square
1 dark purple square + 1 white square
1 green floral square + 1 white square (4 will remain)
1 beige square + 1 dark purple square
If you’re using half-square triangles for the center, you’ll need 1 checkered square + 1 beige square. You’ll have four left over.

Add 3″ strips to the outer part of the 24″ block (final size) to form the borders. This will result in a tabletop approximately 29 1/2″ square. The fabric used by Victoria is available here, while supplies last.

Watch the video below, presented by Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Co., for a step-by-step guide on creating the block and quilt.

Watch the video on YouTube here if it doesn’t open on your mobile device.

To make the complete quilt, measuring 91″ x 91″, follow the instructions and use the materials listed here. The finished block is 24″ square. Learn more here.

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