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Around the Corner Quilt Block

Another excellent pattern for our beautiful collection. This corner block is yet another pattern designed by Lori Holt from Bee on my Bonnet. Thank you so much for making the pattern freely available for us to learn.

This pattern is not as easy as the others we are used to. Don’t worry anymore, you just need to pay close attention and study well the pattern that is available.

The best thing about this job is that after it’s done, you can use it in any environment in your house, including a bedroom, living room and even the kitchen. It all depends on your color combination and the love you will put into your work.

It would be a lot of fun and more pleasurable if you made this pattern with someone special so they can learn together and share good ideas to use in your work.

Thanks again to Lori Holt for this beautiful pattern that she is making available free to everyone.

We hope to find more beautiful patterns like this for free so we can share with you good and beautiful works that would fit like a glove in our quilt collection.

I think you already have a thousand ideas in your mind to have a beautiful decoration, and now would be the ideal time for you to put into practice everything you have thought to have a perfect decoration. This pattern would be great for decorating your bedroom or living room. Plus you can use it wherever you want.

Make the most of this pattern and do a beautiful job. The standard is attached in the title at the end of the article.

We appreciate your visit and your preference for our website, and always see our news in our menu. Thank you and see you in the next adventure.

Pattern Free: Around the Corner Quilt Block

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