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Plaid Granny Square Easter Bunny

We are already in the rhythm of Easter, the craftsmen are with their heads to the thousand preparing their orders, projects and thinking of new pieces for this themed date. There are several patterns of rabbits, carrots, eggs and chocolates to do beautiful work and clear using a lot of creativity.

The possibilities of patterns for Easter are many, and in this pattern we are going to talk about easter patterns of crochet. There are many patterns for Easter like tablecloths, ornaments, bars of napkins, American games, amigurumis of rabbits, in short what more you want to do with your hands.

It takes about 1 month for Easter and we have to run to do our projects mainly who makes handmade pieces to sell and have an extra income. We have lots of models of crochet patterns to make available here on our website, every week we are updating the site with many new and beautiful things,

I know they will like it and will be great for your knowledge and skill. In addition to the ones I posted here today, I brought an easy-to-crochet bunny to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy piece to gift or sell.

Today’s pattern is on a blanket or crochet blanket with a bunny according to the Easter theme. You can make this pattern of many different shapes and colors, making it one color or two colors, for example white and pink.

Bunnies are great companions for boys or girls and you can customize this bunny to suit the taste of the child, the decor of the room or the favorite color (s) of the mother with simple change of color of yarn.

I’ll tell you more about the unconventional yarn options I’ve used for this project below, but let’s wait and talk about the design first.

I’ve created a couple of other bunny blankets in the past, but this is my favorite so far! I love rabbits and rabbits, they look like characters so sweet and cuddly. I wanted to let my rabbit a little more excited, giving him big ears and a sweet little nose. Instead of making this rabbit an amigurumi style doll with a body, arms and legs, I chose to make its bottom half in a cuddly, cuddly blanket for the baby to grab.
My son loves his bear and my love of lamb I made for him and he seems to cling to these more than the other dolls I made for him. I think he loves the cuddly blanket on the bottom.

Abbreviations – US terms

Inc: stands for increase and that you make 2 stitches in the same stitch.
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
(…) x 6 = repeat the stitches in 6 times

Now if you liked this pattern and want to make for your Easter do not waste time and do it right now. Below I leave the pattern that I found with all the step by step of this beautiful pasco pattern. I hope I have helped you. Good work and have fun.

Pattern Written ☞ Plaid Granny Square Easter Bunny

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