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How to Make a Travel Around the World Quilt

Embark on a mesmerizing quilting adventure as we guide you through the creation of a captivating “Trip Around the World” quilt.

This timeless pattern weaves squares into an illusion of global exploration, offering quilting enthusiasts a beautiful and rewarding project.

Follow our enchanting step-by-step instructions to bring this masterpiece to life.

Materials for Your Quilting Odyssey:

  • Fabric Extravaganza: Dive into a world of colors and patterns. Select a variety of fabrics to create a stunning quilt that reflects your unique style.
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat Magic: Equip yourself with these tools for precise fabric cutting, ensuring your quilt pieces fit together like pieces of a puzzle.
  • Quilting Ruler Wizardry: A clear, acrylic quilting ruler is your secret weapon for achieving flawless measurements, turning your quilt into a true work of art.
  • Sewing Machine Speedster: While a sewing machine will expedite the process, you can also hand-sew if you prefer a leisurely pace.
  • Thread of Brilliance: Choose high-quality cotton thread in a color that harmonizes with your fabric choices, adding a touch of brilliance to your creation.
  • Quilt Batting Cloud: Select batting that suits your desired quilt thickness, ensuring your masterpiece feels as cozy as it looks.
  • Backing Fabric Grandeur: Envelop your quilt in a large piece of fabric, providing the perfect backdrop for your artistic journey.
  • Quilt Binding Elegance: Finish the edges with fabric strips or pre-made binding, adding an elegant touch to your quilt.

Steps to Craft Your Quilted Odyssey:

  1. Fabric Fantasia:
    • Immerse yourself in a rainbow of fabrics. Choose as few as three or as many as your heart desires to showcase the beauty of the “Trip Around the World” pattern.
  2. Strip Cutting Symphony:
    • Cut fabrics into 2.5-inch wide strips, each spanning the width of the fabric. Watch your quilt come to life with every precise cut.
  3. Block Conjuring:
    • Sew strips together to create strip sets. Dive into the magic as you transform these sets into blocks, laying the foundation for your quilted masterpiece.
  4. Strip Sublime:
    • Sub-cut strip sets into 2.5-inch wide segments, yielding rectangles of 2.5 x 4.5 inches. Marvel at the transformation of fabric into art.
  5. Block Ballet:
    • Assemble rectangles in a circular dance, creating blocks that form the illusion of concentric circles. Let your creativity shine with each unique arrangement.
  6. Visual Symphony:
    • Arrange blocks in a layout that mimics the beauty of a world map. Revel in the visual symphony of concentric circles taking shape.
  7. Top-Tier Piecing:
    • Seam blocks row by row, ensuring the pattern flows seamlessly. Press the seams in unison, creating a quilt top that’s a visual masterpiece.
  8. Optional Border Bliss:
    • Add borders for that finishing touch. Measure, cut, and attach border strips to elevate your quilt’s elegance.
  9. Quilt Sandwich Magic:
    • Layer quilt backing, batting, and top to create a quilt sandwich. Baste the layers together, securing your masterpiece for the quilting journey ahead.
  10. Quilting Ballet:
    • Quilt layers together using your preferred design. Dance with straight lines, free-motion designs, or any pattern that speaks to your artistic soul.
  11. Binding Elegance:
    • Trim excess batting and backing, leaving a clean edge. Embrace elegance as you attach quilt binding to cover raw edges.
  12. Finishing Flourish:
    • Complete your quilt with a final press, ensuring it lays flat and looks absolutely pristine.
  13. Quilting Triumph:
    • Your “Trip Around the World” quilt is a labor of love, resulting in a timeless piece of art. The choice of fabrics and colors is your personal touch. Whether you’re a quilting novice or a seasoned pro, relish the creative journey, and cherish the heirloom you’ve crafted for years to come. Happy quilting!

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