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Unleashing creativity: Pato na Lama quilt block.

 Immerse yourself in the simplicity and charm of the “Duck Foot in the Mud” quilt block, affectionately known as the Bear Paw.

This tutorial introduces a unique approach to constructing this classic nine-patch block, resulting in a delightful piece.

Get ready to dive into the fun of sewing as we explore this captivating and versatile project.

Block Construction:

The nine-patch technique makes crafting this block an enjoyable experience, even for beginners. The joy of creating something as adorable as the “Duck Foot in the Mud” is evident from the outset. This block is perfect for breathing new life into scraps, providing a fresh and modern look to a traditional piece.

Variety of Names:

Affectionately called Bear Paw, this block brings with it an aura of cuteness and fun. Choosing the name “Duck Foot in the Mud” adds a touch of humor and charm, making this project even more special. After all, who can resist a block with such an adorable name?

Color and Theme Options:

Whether creating a sample block or coordinating with a specific theme, the “Duck Foot in the Mud” offers endless possibilities for creative expression. Its versatility makes it perfect for various styles and color palettes, ensuring the production of a charming and personalized quilt.

Tips for Quilt Leaders and Finishers:

For quilt leaders and finishers, the “Duck Foot in the Mud” is an exciting choice. Whether opting for semi-square triangles or the entire block, pre-organization is crucial to ensure a flawless result. Elaine Huff, from Fabric 406, shares a comprehensive and inspiring tutorial, providing clear guidance for creating a finished block of 13.5″.

Layout Inspiration:

Ignite your creativity by exploring different layouts for your “Duck Foot in the Mud” quilt. Combined blocks without strips create stunning stars, while the addition of sashing and cornerstones offers a unique and elegant approach. The variety of options provides the freedom to customize your quilt according to your taste and personal style.


Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this charming sewing journey with the exclusive “Duck Foot in the Mud” block tutorial. Discover the joy of creating something special as you explore different layouts and express your creativity through this captivating project.

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