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Feathered Star Quilt

Another beautiful red and white bedspread perfect for us to change and innovate our decor. This feathered stars model was designed by Sue Daurio Quilting and her Molly Mandeville Fryer of Molly’s Place tutorial, and luckily it’s available for free for everyone to learn and enjoy.

All HSTs have to be tiny and the lil charmer has to be 29×29 inches. The colors for your pattern will depend on your preference and taste. These colors are just a template for you to get an idea of how your beautiful quilt will look. The best work is done when it has everything we love about it.

This Feathered quilt is just another one that is available for free for you to add to your collection. Seeing and analyzing it, you think it’s difficult, but it’s very simple to do and the best thing is that the cost of material to make is very cheap compared to other standards.

Before starting your pattern, choose your colors and fabric well, analyze the environment in which you will place it, and think carefully before making any decision. This will make sure you have no regrets at the end of your pattern or stop halfway through.

For me Sue Daurio perfectly designed the pattern and not to mention that the pattern is perfectly detailed, great to understand. Study the pattern well, read as many times as necessary to be able to understand it well and have perfection when starting. We have so much to thank Sue Daurio for making an excellent standard and making it available for everyone to learn. This particularly for me is therapy, I can concentrate, forget about problems because I have a huge love for quilts and for being able to make them.

If you need to take different attitudes then do it. A good quilter is one who sees the need to change certain things. The rules must always be followed correctly even if it is a simple or more complicated pattern, whether you have experience or not.

When you start your pattern, think of it as a jigsaw puzzle and have fun with it all. Fit the best possible colors and have fun with everything, so you will make your work lighter, with joy and much more love. Dedicate your best to achieving excellence. You can use your quilt in many ways to even get extra financial power. You can sell by order and even maybe get stores as partners to be able to profit.

Always think and believe until the end that you are really capable of anything, and at the end of your pattern I guarantee you that you will have a really amazing result. We want to thank again Sue Daurio Quilting and Molly Mandeville Fryer of Molly’s Place for making the pattern completely free.

I hope that one day you will be able to share your finished quilt with us on the site. We would love to see your complete work. We really appreciate your visit and preference for our site, come back often and never forget to check out our menu, there you will find all the news and stay on top of all the best that we bring to you. Thank you and until the next article.

Pattern Free: Feathered Star Quilt

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