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Tidal Crossing Quilt Free Pattern

This is the type of pattern that I particularly love the most, I just loved the fabric colors that were chosen for this pattern. But of course, for you who are going to make your pattern, you don’t need to use the same colors as the model. Tidal Crossing Quilting is a beautiful quilt that was designed by Jordan Fabrics and to our delight the pattern is available for free.

For your quilt to be perfect, you need to carefully observe the place where it will be placed because only then will you have an idea of which colors to use. I tend to study the pattern well first of all, I always analyze it well to make the right decisions.

A good tip I have for you is to organize your work place well, try to make it very pleasant, with great lighting and without anything that can distract your attention. This is a pattern that requires and demands a little more of your attention.

Last week I made the decision to start this pattern. I waited a long time to choose my colors, I adjusted each place of my work place to have all the concentration only on my pattern. This quilt was the biggest I’ve ever made, and I had a lot of fun making it. My intention was to make it for my daughter-in-law, but when I saw it finished I couldn’t give it and ended up keeping it, but of course I’ve already started another one to be able to deliver and I hope to finish it in a short time even though it’s a more complicated pattern to perform.

This quilt requires a little more fabric, so choose wisely so you don’t get into trouble later. Yesterday I put mine on the bed and had the best experience in the world, apart from the feeling of accomplishment I felt inside me. This awakens me more and more to make more and more quilts and learn more from them.

This pattern is not fast, so choose each container carefully. I like to make patterns like this and what motivates me to always be doing it is my children when I see them playing or resting in them.

When I’m going to make a gift for someone I always have a big struggle to choose the fabrics, because I know my taste but it’s hard to please everyone. I tried to get to know the person’s tastes well to get a little idea of how to build this pattern well.

A tip I have to give you is to choose something very cute, cheerful and bright, this will undoubtedly please the person. In this pattern you will have the opportunity to work with various fabrics, so don’t be afraid to determine your seam.

Take advantage of this pattern because you will get a great experience that you can use in different patterns. I hope you liked it and that you are already starting yours too. We appreciate your visit, and always check out our menu so you don’t miss any news that we bring to you. Until our next article.

Free Pattern: Tidal Crossing Quilt Free Pattern

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