Ripple Stitch Blanket – Yarn Stash Series ( pattern free)

I think a Ripple Stitch Blanket – Yarn Stash Series might be one of my favorite things to crochet. Especially if I can find a fairly simple pattern, which is very fast – they are so fast and fun! Not only is this scarf a fantastic fashion statement, it is also easy to crochet. An added bonus: it’s warm, soft and luxurious too. This Ripple Stitch Blanket – Yarn Stash Series has become a basic item, and if you do one of these, it will quickly become your new favorite cold weather accessory.

You can go on a trip and have a super cute new handkerchief to wear at the moment in which you arrive. I’m all about accessories that you can create anywhere. They are also one of those projects that rarely end up in the unfinished pile (a section of the craft room that is growing almost frighteningly large!) If you are just starting to learn how to crochet, this pattern is good to consider; all you need to know is chain stitches and unique crochet to create this simple textured scarf.

This is a good standard to consider even if you are an experienced crocheter because sometimes you just want to relax with an easy and relaxing design – and that definitely qualifies. This Ripple Stitch Blanket – Yarn Stash Series is part of a matching set. You’ll also find free crochet patterns. The coordinating patterns are all made using the same combination of easy points, which is known as Ripple Stitch Blanket – Yarn Stash Series. Since they are so quick to make up I’ve put together some of my favorite projects for you beginner or area professional to have for a little inspiration – some of them I’ve tried and a few are on my to-do list! Many of these are great early designs as well – using basic stitches like simple and double crochet – they would be perfect for a beginner project. I know that you will succeed, good luck and good work. by Hannah Cross

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