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Here today we are going to learn a little about the pattern that was designed by Marlene Oddie from Kissed Quilts. The pattern was made by Jordan for Jordan Fabrics, who made it available for all of us to learn for free. Another wonderful and perfect pattern for all lovers of flashy quilts.

A perfect combination of colors that will delight the eyes of the beholder. I particularly loved this pattern and I’m already starting my quilt. I’m thinking of doing it with a different background color than the model, I’m thinking of doing it with a black background, which I really like, but that depends on each person’s taste.

A tip I can give you is to use different colors for each diamond, I think it would look very flashy and charming if you know how to use the right colors. For me, the right thing is that you do it according to the environment where you will place your bedspread, because then the colors will match and you will leave the perfect decoration matching everything. Don’t be in a hurry to make your pattern, study hard, read as many times as necessary so you don’t have any doubts and also to do a job perfectly.

I always study the pattern at least three to five times to absorb every important detail. Sometimes I make some blocks as a model to get a sense of how to do it and how to choose the colors of my pattern. I think this is an important point for you to have a beautiful job and not waste time with doubts or something like that.

Another thing I like to do is use my quilts for extra income. Sometimes when I have material from other patterns I go and see the best one to do and so I can sell it to other quilt lovers. I always like to venture out with it, because that way new ideas are also emerging and I improve my skills a lot.

Calmly analyze your workplace and try to make it as calm as possible, with excellent lighting and plenty of space to work. A light and calm environment is one of the main factors to obtain a perfect result. Only then will you have full attention and focus on your work.

I just hope you loved it as much as I loved this beautiful pattern. Be sure to do it, and if possible also when you’re done try to show us your beautiful pattern because we love to see the work done by visitors to our site. Don’t forget to do it for yourself first and then if you think about doing it for someone you love.

We want to thank Marlene Oddie from Kissed Quilts for designing it and also thank Donna Jordan for making the complete pattern available free of charge for everyone to access and learn from. Now just separate the material and have fun making this wonderful pattern, we thank you for joining us in this matter and reminding you to never stop going to our menu to discover and stay on top of all the news we bring to you. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on our next adventure.

Pattern Free: Beads Quilt

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