Simple and Quick Baby Quilt-Full Tutorial

Beautiful easy and very fast baby bedspread that inspires mothers to provide one for their child, is to go crazy, and the colors are variable and can be found in the hiding place that was already abandoned.

The quilt is graceful and easy to make. You can choose the colors you love the most and get your hands on the job. The quilt design and tutorial, Liz Smith of Rebel Perfection.

Even those men who are beginning to sew can do just that for simplicity. The tutorial and step by step is available below for free. The size is for baby but you can choose what size will be.

Cut the squares from 4 “into 4 1/2” to allow for seam compensation instead of 4 “as indicated. Labor kisses Here for the free tutorial “Kelsey Baby Quilt”.

I have a thought that I carry with me since I was little that less is more. Look at that quilt simplicity, but at the same time charming and very cozy. I love this kind of quilt and pattern.

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