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6-Day Kid Blanket( patterns free )

Whether in bed or on the couch, in winter we always want to be unbelievable, it’s magnificent, so the 6-Day Kid Blanket still brings a lot of style to your home decor. this pattern usually made by skilled crochet artisans, like any craft technique, can be done at home, even for those who are new to this technique In today’s post, let’s talk a bit about how to plan and start doing at home with a gallery full of diverse and super incredible ideas … 6-Day Kid Blanket is one of the most versatile and desired pieces, is a right choice for anyone who wants to work with excitement and joy.

Yes, it’s true, it takes a bit of time for you to visualize the ready work, but considering the anxious, accelerated, and immediate world we have today, devoting to something slower and self-sufficient can mean real therapy.

This plaid is not only cozy and stylish – but it is also a good standard for beginners in crochet. That’s right, if you know how to make a crochet – then you can make that blanket! You will enjoy creating this afghan using our free crochet pattern as it works in a nice and easy way.

The crochet blanket would make a lovely bath or Afghan lap gift for a birthday. Use the pink and white color scheme shown in the photo for a nursery. Or mix it up and use bright contrasting colors for the older children’s bedrooms.

The finished product is sure to keep you or your little ones elegant, cozy and warm! In the end, you’ll see that it was worth waiting for to have a unique, original and symbolic high piece. Not to mention that the cost of such work is almost zero ..

So separate the necessary materials that we will teach in this step-by-step post to do the 6-Day Kid Blanket, be sure to come back here and tell us how it went. Good job!!! by Betty McKnit

standard available on ravelry (free check out)

The crochet blanket is a craft that has been used more in recent times, and has been a current fashion trend. Today we find pants, blouse, scarf, crochet holes in other models. The 6-day crochet blanket has a touch of charm to the lion. The Aplique Lion is by Elena Pichugina.

standard available on ravelry ( Pattern Aplique lion )

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