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Not a Granny Square Blanket ( pattern free)

Looking for crochet craft ideas? So take advantage of the ideas that Not to Granny Square Blanket have had for this article and enjoy! Fun can be found in many different activities, even in handicrafts. If you face the process of making crafts as a game or as a playful activity,

it will be much more enjoyable to do your manual work, as time will pass faster and you will not even feel this time passing. Put a goal in your life every day or every week to do some crafts, to stimulate your creativity and your imagination.

If you are already intimate or intimate in the crochet universe, start doing some crochet crafts and see how fun it is to be productive and create something with your own hands.

Even your rug can look gorgeous.your house can earn crochet pieces such as crochet towels, crochet cup holders, crochet pads, for example.

Your look can win crochet pieces and your day to day life can win crochet crafts, like crochet cell phone holders. In short: any section of your life can earn crochet crafts.

The crochet craft is undoubtedly a great alternative to lining cushions, beds and many others. Some people think crochet pieces are too simplistic, yet they can be extremely elegant and sophisticated. The technique is very easy and usually people learn without the need of course.

Want to give an up in the decoration without having to spend a lot, how about adding some crochet pads? They look great on the crochet rug or not, on sofas, armchairs, futon, etc. One tip is to use them to increase beds and sofas. You can make your covers for crochet cushions all with thread or you can even use the crochet with fabric.

Today you will see an easy and incredible step by step of Not to Granny Square Blanket, but before that, check out some models to get inspired. Believe, after seeing this step by step, you can start to make yours today. Just have the right materials, which are not much, and time to put the art into practice.

Crochet is a real therapy, and in a short time anyone can make highly professional pieces. In addition to decorating the house, it is also possible to generate extra income.


pattern available on ravelry (free access)

The first thing to do is to search for points because you can make carpets with almost all of them. Start with the simplest ones that are low, midpoint and high point. After that, just practice. Without a doubt, the secret of art is to practice and get the hang of it.

You also need to know how to choose the rows. Do not forget that it is possible to change the colors of this model if you wish, so let’s go to the personal work .. by Vicki Mikulak

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