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Quilt Dresden Blooms

Working in our home is certainly the best service we can have. It is our corner of comfort and joy, but also the distraction that can end up interfering in all our productivity both at home and in the quilting. Avoid this by giving an extra touch to your work environment with some decorating ideas with quilts, which help a lot by inspiring us more and more to do beautiful works. You will meet today a very beautiful work that is Quilt Dresden Blooms.

Your workspace will be completely different if you decorate it with a lot of inspiration in your quilt. If you do not have space in your home for your home office, you can choose to use the balcony, backyard or even the kitchen, as it is not very good to work in the bedroom because it is the environment in which we sleep and it is not really recommended especially for those who is part of the quilting world.

It is very important to check if your chair is comfortable, if the table has a good and suitable height for you and the most important thing is to see if your space is a space of silence and peace, this helps a lot in your productivity. Choose a place that has beautiful lighting as this is essential for any craftsman, so your preference for environments with large windows for you to take advantage of natural light, but don’t forget to have your lamps checked because at dusk they will be essential.

Many things go beyond your aesthetics, if you need to change something in your environment change, like painting the wall or something different. Use colors with light tones and a touch and lighting that transmits peace and tranquility in your environment, so that it also transmits it to people who enter your environment. If you are a trendsetter, I suggest you bet on Classic Blue, which expresses confidence and tranquility and also why it is the color of the year. As it is dark you need to be creative with the details.

According to Feng Shui, the pantas transmit a lot of energy to their environment, if we are talking about life here, carry with you a bottle of water to always be hydrated, especially when we talk about quilt. Our goal is to make you have a beautiful and beautiful work with very wonderful aesthetics that make you a happier and happier person.

Clear your mind with short breaks in order to clear your mind and do an excellent job. That’s one of Marie Kondo’s tips. Distract your head by talking to someone, have a nice tea or coffee, take a stroll in your backyard to be able to stretch your legs and arms with a beautiful view of the day. I hope she enjoyed this beautiful quilt. Just below we attach the pattern of this beautiful complete quilt

Free Full Standard: Quilt Dresden Blooms

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