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Charming quilt bird retail – Tutorial

I always loved the birds and in my opinion they transminte joy and life. Birds are the symbol of nature.

Then a bird-shaped patchwork quilt is also very attractive and gives a different feel to the environment.

This duvet is the finest model made by Margot Languedoc Designs of The Pattern Basket, and was very colorful always remembering the divine nature with its colors.

The quilt is made with blocks of birds and in the end it comes together, forming a beautiful quilt with a lot of charm.

For girls who have more experience and creativity, other prints and seams can come out according to the inspiration of the moment.

Whenever I see birds my heart is taken by a natural legria, so the quilt with birds for me is more than beautiful is life for my eyes.

The standard and video tutorial comes to help step by step to carry out the project.

The birds are a good time to make the prints with very fun colors and can grow flowers if you wish. For me it’s a different and very inspiring project for who loves to sew.

It is a real challenge to evolve technically with needles and sewing machines.

How to make a flying bird quilt panel

The final size of the duvet is 60 ½ x 70 and have around 30 blocks of birds. The fabrics and colors are according to the personal taste of each one and goes according to the creativity and capacity. Quilt Pattern Of Feather Bird

 Beautiful Quilt Dancing RibbonsQuilt in PDF

Bird Block (using strips leftovers 2 1/2″)

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