Giant Dahlia Quilt Pattern

I am here to bring another novelty here on our site for you, our dear readers and friends of the craft. This time the subject is different is about the Quilt or some know as Patckwork which is my second preferred craft. Here on our site you will find many patterns of crochet and also Quilt, the two crafts that I love and do very well for our health besides doing me good to see the results, is charming and satisfies me to see that I did with my own hands, it’s incredible. There are many patterns of all kinds of difficulty levels.

Every day we must practice to finish our projects and not leave for later because after much is accumulated or ends up not having more will, but we should not give up but to persist because the result is rewarding. I always want to share with you new patterns to increase your knowledge and help you grow and be always learning new things and getting motivated. Today I will leave a quilt pattern that has a very surprising result that I loved. So let’s learn more about this pattern today, separate your materials and take your craft box and let’s go with it.

Today’s pattern is the Giant Dahlia Quilt, it is a very beautiful pattern that has a kind of flower or mandala in the center giving a very beautiful design of several pieces of fabric joined together as leaves. This pattern is really a work of art, an optical illusion giving a nice effect. This pattern is made in a sewing machine, if you want to make a hand and do not have a machine, you also have to do it but it will take longer to get ready and with the machine we also have the advantage of being faster, the sewing is uniform and smooth.

Make handicrafts in the after many benefits, to all who practice and used as antidepressants. This pattern has the design in the center, so you can use for various things as you want and where you want to place. If you want to make a gift, it will be a beautiful gift. You can make this pattern either to be a quilt or to put on the wall to embellish the environment as many people like.

About Colors

You can make this pattern in whatever color you want with the white or black background to highlight the flower, however the white more blends and leaves more smooth and apparent the color of the center flower being lighter and not leaving as loaded as the black background, but I’ve seen it both ways.

Can do with whatever background you prefer, the colors of the flower can also match with your decor and environment you will want to leave your work. Above I left a pattern of that pattern ready on a quilt with the white background.

It left a tone on purple tone it was beautiful. It can do so of various shades of a color, it really looks lovely and beautiful. My favorite colors are blue and pink, I would do it in these shades by mixing in the light colors or making two quilts of the two types. But it is only a hint and opinion, you can do as you prefer using your favorite colors. In case of gift make the color that person likes.

If you liked this pattern I left right after the photo below a video tutorial with the step by step to make beautiful patterns with it, I left below the link of the bar of the corners of the quilt of the photo of the beginning of this post, so you learn to make the quilt frame and in the video learn how to make this pattern. Hope you like it and see the next pattern.

Pattern of the Quilt Frame  Giant Dahlia Quilt 


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